This table is inspired by the simplicity and utility typical of Shaker tables. The sole ornamentation of the top is the natural beauty of the book matched curly maple slabs, which are minimally manipulated. The leg design is adapted from a mid 19th century dining table from the Canterbury, New Hampshire community.

The modified Shaker trestle table base features wedged tusk stretcher tenons. Hand-cut mortise and tenons replace the stabilizing metal bolts used by the Shakers and found in our standard dining table. In this traditional, labor-intensive leg-to-stretcher joinery, the stretcher tenon is fitted in the leg mortises and then pinned with hand-fitted wooden wedges. The loose wedges can be removed for easy table disassembly when transporting or storing..

curly maple book matched top walnut base

72" W x 39" D x 30" H

$4000 + shipping